Life always presents stressors - in certain times, like during the COVID19 pandemic, far more than usual. Leaders need empathy more than ever before in order to both recognize and understand the effects of those stressors. When crises takes a toll, it's most critical for leaders to put their fingers on the pulse of their people’s energy and emotions, responding decisively, and perhaps more importantly, with genuine compassion. Commanding that self-awareness both allows leaders to demonstrate the behavior they want to see, and to provide a clear model for others to follow. U.S. Army Capt. Holly Weaver knows this well, as she speak to her theme of "The Hard Thing About Soft Skills" with co-hosts Brian Comerford and Nick Lozano.

Captan Holly Weaver

0:09 Opening
2:16 Captain Holly Weaver Intro
23:57 Mentor
26:42 Impact of mentor
33:19 Challenging experience
34:39 Leading vs Managing
37:30 Caring
44:16 Concepts of leading with empathy
56:40 Recommended book
1:03:11 Where can you find Captan Holly Weaver and Closing

Hosted By:

Brian Comerford

Nick Lozano

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