The applications of 3D have only just begun. Prerequisites include developing a perspective of 3D literacy in order to utilize the data around us to effectively identify and model solution alternatives - and the right tools. "Mechanical engineers are only one fifth as productive as software engineers," says Paul Powers, Founder & CEO of Physna. "Because they don't have simple tools like search, copy, paste, auto spellcheck, you know, they don't have the equivalent 3D tool-set capability. So there are a lot of big issues to solve." Join co-hosts Brian Comerford and Nick Lozano as they discuss these challenges, among other towering brain-ticklers, as they speak with one of the entrepreneurs recognized in Forbes 30 Under 30.

Paul Powers
Founder & CEO

00:00 Opening Intro
01:12 Show opening
02:50 Paul Powers Background
18:03 Failure Breeds Success
26:48 Software vs Hardware Changes
30:17 Fostering Creativity
35:50 3-D Data
39:25 AI and 3-D Data Models
48:26 Evolving from a contributor
1:01:47 Recommended Books
1:05:46 Where can you find Paul Powers
1:06:09 Closing

Hosted By:
Brian Comerford

Nick Lozano

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