Episode 35: Entrepreneurial insights with David Campbell

Episode 35: Entrepreneurial insights with David Campbell

The glamour of start-up culture may not be all it's cracked up to be if simply chasing start-up capital is the dream. Discipline, hard work, tenacity, and the willingness to allow data to shape decision-making are all critical components to move entrepreneurs from start-up to solvency. Having acute vision of macro-trends, curiosity, and gratitude are the fuel needed for the long-haul of serial entrepreneurship. Join co-hosts Brian Comerford and Nick Lozano as they discuss with DC (David Campbell) his many insights along his own serial entrepreneur journey as a tech exec spanning domains including information security, data analytics, and privacy-protecting digital currency.

David Campbell
Electric Coin Company

00:00 Intro
01:17 DC Intro
09:45 Executive Leadership Roles
12:57 From founder to executive
22:40 Remote Work
29:00  Applying Metrics
33:45  Communication
36:19 Entrepreneurship
44:37 Recommenced Book
47:18 Where you can find DC and Closing

Hosted By:
Brian Comerford
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Nick Lozano
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