Episode:37 Livestream with Roxanne Kaufman Elliott and Peter Margaritis

Episode:37 Livestream with Roxanne Kaufman Elliott and Peter Margaritis

Join co-hosts Brian Comerford and Nick Lozano in this special edition of >Lead.exe_ as they hit two milestones: two guests, Roxanne Kaufman Elliott and Peter Margaritis liven up the chatter at the same time the program streams live across four social media platforms. Things are at times downright giddy, and at others, serious and provocative as the four discuss the language of leadership and the utility of improv to empower flexibility in communication and decision-making. Whatever the topic - and there are a variety - these fab four are clearly having fun as they share insights valuable for leaders in any domain.

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Brian Comerford
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Nick Lozano
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