Human-Centered Design (HCD) put - you guessed it - Humans, right at the center of the perspective in all steps of the problem-solving process. As a framework, it has served as the basis of what is now commonly called Experience Design, popularly buzz-phrased with the CX (or Client Experience) tag. So what is "Human-Centered Leadership"? For the answer to that question, join co-hosts Brian Comerford & Nick Lozano as they discuss this new leadership framework with Peter Lynch - author of "The Ugly Advantage", global TEDx speaker, and People & Culture fixer-upper. Just follow the _inukshuk_, linked here.

Peter Lynch
Head of People & Culture
Cardinal Group Management

02:49 Opening
04:38 Show start
05:35 Peter Lynch Bio
08:51 Empathy
13:11 Human Centered Leadership
25:19 Listening
27:43 Culture
31:16 Belonging
32:41 Leading different generations
35:37 Counter culture
43:25 Campfire conversations
48:33 Where to start with Human Centered Leadership
57:25 Where you can find Peter Lynch and closing

Hosted By:
Brian Comerford

Nick Lozano

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