Join co-hosts Brian Comerford and Nick Lozano as they are joined once again with Erik Therwanger, author of "The LEADERSHIP Connection: The Link Between Leading and Succeeding," among 5 other titles. Building on their previous discussion on the topic of leading through chaos, Erik shares core principles for leaders now faced with leading through transition. Like so many leaders whose key challenges have been shaped by the COVID pandemic (the incident), how to successfully traverse obstacles forcing change to the status quo of business operations - and customer needs and expectations - brings the demands of the transition front and center. Following some of the key insights shared by Erik will in part help leaders as they target leading their teams to the arrival of the new norm.

Erik Therwanger
Founder, Author, Speaker, Coach

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00:04 Opening
02:06  Show opening
03:08 Leading through transition
12:47  Communication in Planning
23:03 Vulnerability and empathy
28:46  Hiring
40:55 Talent Development
45:03 Disengagement
51:18 Erik's Books
56:35 Where you can find Erik and Closing

Hosted By:

Brian Comerford

Nick Lozano

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